Welcome to the Business of Cricket Awards 2016

This year, the Business of Cricket Awards, will again provide the opportunity to shine a light on the accomplishments of the First Class Counties and MCC.

With Cricket Unleashed set to inspire game-wide change, 2016 marks the start of an exciting period for cricket in England & Wales. The Business of Cricket Awards is an important platform to acknowledge those who are working hard to push the sport forward and helping to deliver our shared vision for cricket.

A judging panel representing a diverse set of backgrounds in the sport and business worlds will be responsible for evaluating the entries. As such, we encourage all First Class Counties and the MCC to spend time and effort in highlighting their successes through their submissions, providing tangible results which meet the award criteria.

This year’s awards will continue a culture of sharing knowledge and best practice throughout the professional game. It is hoped that this will once again raise the benchmark across our network, ensuring we are all striving for continual improvements in the next year and beyond.